CBS Detroit

DETROIT (CBS Detroit) – Baby, it’s not just cold outside, it’s downright frigid. And if it’s too cold for you to spend an extended period of time outside, it’s also too cold for dogs and cats.

As temperatures dropped below the freezing mark, the Michigan Humane Society and Detroit Dog Rescue reminded Detroit dog owners it’s their responsibility to ensure their pets are safe and comfortable.

“Extreme cold temperatures can be very dangerous for dogs outside,” said Rodney Stewart, field operations agent for Detroit Dog Rescue.

Don’t believe the old adage about dogs being protected by fur coats in any weather — because their paws aren’t protected, nor are their thin-skinned underbellies.

The Dog Rescue’s Dante Dasaro stressed that, if your dog is an outside pet, the position of the dog house is important.

“If by all means at all possible, it should be up against the home, with the opening…

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