For a Polar Winter in Michigan, “Fat Bike” Riding is a Fun New Winter Sport

“Fat bikes,” as they are called due to their large balloon tires, are gaining popularity in Michigan for summer and winter adventures.


Maria Leijerstam in Antarctica (Image via

Just before the New Year, British adventurer, Maria Leijerstam broke two world records by becoming the first person to bicycle to the South Pole, and making the 500 mile trip in a record 10 days. 

Helping enable this expedition was the use of a three-wheel, recumbent trike, fitted with fat tires. 


Fat bikes are easy to ride, almost like riding on beach balls. The large tires are not sluggish and difficult to pedal as one might think from looking at them. They nicely bounce and roll over snow and sand.

As the sport has grown, so have the opportunities to ride one of these bikes. A number of shops in Southeast Michigan offer rentals. Trails Edge bike shop in Milford has year round weekly rides, and a 7 bike fleet available to rent for $10 each.

Northern Michigan resorts, shops and parks have ramped up their fat bike offerings this season.

Try something new next time you’re Up North. Chrystal Mountain is well-equipped for fat bikes, it has a 6 mile trail, and bikes to rent for $10 per hour.




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